How Does Family Law Help The People?

It is a well-known fact that laws are there to facilitate people themselves. ‘By the people and for the people’ is one definition given to law and it states out the nature and the function of the law. Laws are enacted by the people themselves in order to facilitate the people themselves. Therefore the laws should not be taken as something that is life threatening and the knowledge on law can help in in many aspects of life. Following are some facts to make you understand how the laws relating to family can help you to your family life.

Substantial law
The substantial laws relating to the family life are laid down in the law books and if you visit a legal scholar or a divorce lawyer you can ask the available legal options to the problems you have. It is the substantial family law that prescribes the minimum age for the marriage. Grounds for splitting up, instances where a marital relationship can be illegal, what is a void matrimony, how a child can be legitimate, rights of illegitimate child and etc. the substantial laws relating to family life can be different from one country to another while there are some international conventions that seek to protect the rings of the children and women which also need to be incorporated in to the local family laws.

Procedural law
Procedural laws set out the steps that are needed to make the substantial laws practically work out. For an instance the divorce procedure in Singapore lays down the court in which such issued need to be raised through whom and the steps involved till the grant of the final decree. The parties, the bar and the bench are required to follow these procedural laws as it is according to such the practical process should take place. In most countries the procedural laws are separately enacted that of the substantial laws and the process relating to family laws take a civil nature and they are raised and functioned in the civil courts.

Related issues
Family law is spread to a vast area that there are many related issues in a family life. The custody and the interests of the children are considered to be a significant factor that is dealt in the family laws. When the two spouses decide to separate the interests of the children out of such matrimony is considered by the courts in awarding the custody. Sometimes joint custody is granted. Maintenance is also one such issue raised in relation to family life that the guilty spouse will have to financially provide for the other spouse if the splitting up affects the financial stability of one spouse.