Holidaying On A Budget

Tourism and holidaying has changed significantly in the past few years and in the last decade, tourism has seen a shift from tourists who stay at big luxury hotels to tourists who backpack around their travels without any plans. In the past, going on holiday to another country was something reserved for the rich and for the elite. Hotels would be luxurious, expensive, up market and would be absolutely heavenly but today, things have changed significantly. Unlike in the past when tourists would save for years for a trip and book all their locals and accommodation well in advance, today’s modern young tourists will decide to spend their savings on a whim and will go to a location without any money and without the slightest idea where they will stay. They will carry all their clothing on their backs instead of in many big suitcases and will only look for accommodation once they arrive at their destination.

Hostels and homestaysTo meet this demand and this new market in tourism, there are many home stay websites and budget hostels that are becoming popular. There are many inexpensive budget hotels in Chinatown in Singapore that are clean, nice, comfortable but do not have the same luxuries that the five star and seven star hotels have. They cost a fraction of the price and they meet all the travellers’ basic requirements.

In terms of meeting the traveller’s requirements, these budget hostels will be equally as good as the best boutique hotel and the only difference is that they do not provide extra facilities such as fancy restaurants in house and pools and gyms.

As a budget traveller, you will need to go out and eat the local street food available which will be negligible in cost. It would be very beneficial for you to do your research prior to embarking on the trip to find out where the locals eat and what the locals do. In most cases, going out looking for big restaurants and entertainment and facilities aimed at tourists is probably going to be a money waster. If you make an effort to live like the locals and eat what the locals eat, you should be able to get about quite well without spending too much money. In every city, you will also have numerous free entrance events where you can go out and experience local culture at its finest without having to spend excessive amounts of money. The great thing about budget holidays is that you can travel on a sudden whim.