How To Ease A Bunion At Home

Many of us at one point or the other are clumsy enough to stub that little toe at the edge of a desk or stool causing such an ache where we feel like we are dying, literally. However some other times the reason for an ache in your feet could be due to a condition that is much more complicated than a simple stubbed toe! There are many reasons that could cause this. However the solutions for this may even lead to a surgery. Instead of going through that as a first step, here are a few ways you could try at home to help yourself out;

Soak A good foot soak is the perfect bunion treatment to follow. In a large basin, fill in lukewarm water or cold water. In to that add in a few spoons of Epsom salt and soak your feet for about five or ten minutes. By soaking your feet in water you are relieving it from the pain and letting it relax and sit a while. Sometimes when you are constantly moving about your feet could hurt more than usual. And when you are facing such condition they may be even worse. So try out this foot soak to relieve your foot ache, you could also choose to add in a couple bath bombs as well.

Exercise The reason you may suffer from aches and pains after a good game or work out could be because you didn’t warm up your body for it beforehand. Thus stretching your joints and ligaments. And then when you do try and stretch a bit, the pain reduces. The same could be applied here as well. Massage your feet first and stretch it a bit by doing a couple effective bunion relief in Singapore. One such exercise is pulling away each toe from one another. If the pain worsens however you could choose to stop. Take it slow don’t pressurize your already swollen foot more.

Medication Another method you could use is a relief gel or pain killer specifically designed for this. This may however be only a temporary solution for the condition. And in case there is no improvement at all whatsoever, be sure to visit an orthopedic doctor that specializes in these.

New shoes Be sure to get new shoes as well. They could be ones designed specifically for your condition, in case you don’t fancy the styles be sure to at least shop for more comfortable shoes rather than stilettoes and six inch pumps! Consider the above suggestions and be one step closer in ridding yourself off a bunion in no time!