Planning A Party For An Older Birthday Guest Of Honor

When you hit your mid-twenties and then into the thirties and older, the awe and excitement that came with the birthday just drifts away and finally, your birthday ends up being just another day. Friends and family end up being too busy for attending parties as you get older. But it does not have to be that way. If you are planning on throwing a celebration for a member of the family or a friend who has gotten too old for the excitement of opening presents, here are some different ways to carry out the celebration anyway.
Get the festivities going with a witty and humorous theme
Since it will mostly be close friends and family, you can go crazy with the invitations. If your friends are up to getting some fun in their lives, do a prank as a birthday party invitation. So even if you go a bit more expensive method than the regular cards or email invitations, then do a round of house calls and introduce the party theme. It’s a good idea to go with something that the birthday girl or boy will love, and guests will go for it if you explain (along with the mention of cocktail catering in Singapore).
Getting the decorations right
The décor for the party can become a hassle if you think too big and run out of time to actually get it done. Keep it simple with things like confetti balloons and a great food table. If you plan on having it in a house then it is easier as the party will not look bare. If you have time, get help from friends for some paper flowers and making a birthday banner. If you plan on doing the birthday with something like high tea catering then you can just have the table ready for the food to be placed. Confetti balloons are highly recommended as you can surprise the birthday guest by popping them when he or she comes in as well. If ribbons are too much and you do not have the money for the helium then just stick the balloons and the other décor onto the walls with double tape.
Keep the welcome banner witty and with a slogan that everyone can understand. Keep it simple and fun with things like colored popcorn, mini tacos, mudslide cupcakes and other fun adult themed food items. Ordering the cake from outside will keep your days free for the other event planning but keep the cake décor to a minimum and just use a good topper for anything fancy.