The Evolution Of Smart Devices

In today’s world, everyone from grandparents to toddlers take smart devices for granted. They have become part and parcel of everyone’s life. A smart device is a device with the capability of a fully fledged computer. They have their own operating system and support a variety of apps or purposes that set them apart from conventional devices. With so many smart devices around many people have forgotten the aura and awe that smart devices once had and how exclusive they used to be.

Mobile devices have been around for a long time but they were basically used for the purpose of taking calls and dropping texts. The functionality presented by these were extremely limited. By modern standard they were seriously lacking, had low quality screens present on them and were extremely heavy and large. The fact that they cost thousands of dollars put them out of reach for most of the general population. Once the market for this was understood many companies jumped into the foray and mobile phones started to include more features, were more budget friendly and mobile phone shops opened on every street corner, making the devices more accessible for the world. But it was not until 2007 that the smartphone industry took off. The first smartphone included a fully fledged and quality touch screen device complete with a camera and the basic requirements needed for a smartphone.

Some companies like Samsung realized the vast potential of this new industry and the Samsung mobile in Singapore invested large amounts into research and produced amazing devices complete with feather sensitive screens and high resolution cameras that could give DSLR esque pictures in even low light; features that directly appealed to the consumers. Companies that could not keep up with the trend or joined the market too late gradually fell into oblivion. The competition was so fierce that innovation simply accelerated and has gone strides in less than a decade.

Nowadays the GPS tracking present on smartphones can track your running activity and how many calories you are burning and makes it easy to access the internet’s vast array of information and entertainment. Technological advancements have made it easy to even talk to your phone and ask it to set your alarms or call someone. This makes life easy for a person with physical disabilities. The ease of using it has made our work easy. The slew of apps related to productivity ensure that you stay on your toes without slacking and the million games available for smartphones keep your kids engaged and distracted for hours and hours. They have also replaced many household devices such as the alarm, flashlights, music players and maps.