Things You Should Know Before You Rent A Car

For those of you who need to travel in a foreign land for business purposes or otherwise, renting a car gives you the freedom to travel anywhere you like at any given time. However, car rentals can be costly and if you are not aware of the tricks of the trade you may be taken for a ride – and not the ones you get in the car!

Check out all possible options It is a common misconception that only the most popular car rentals offer a good service. No doubt they became popular for a reason, but there are several other cheap car rentals that offer a good experience at much lower rates. Using a not-so-popular rental company might mean that you have to compromise a little on comfort and convenience, but they will offer you better rates and a satisfactory service.

If you want to check out some of your options try using these services when you are going on an unimportant ride, like when you go to the market. You will be able to get a good feel of the level of customer service they offer by doing so.

Choose at the airport or away from it?Renting a car from outside the airport is better due to many reasons. For one, they waiting queue will be much shorter. The chances of you not getting a ride for the time you booked it for is much higher. Be warned that not all car rentals actually provide you with the same level of customer service that they promise when they do the booking for you. Another thing is the cost will be much higher at the airport. You can avoid all this hassle by renting a vehicle a little away from the airport.

Insurance Getting insurance is not mandatory, but it will save you a load of trouble in case you get into and accident. The type of insurance you need will vary depending on the insurance schemes you are currently on. Consider what you would do in the incident of an accident. Also talk to someone, who’s not interested in selling insurance, about the coverage you will need. Most rentals, even budget car rentals in Singapore, have insurance schemes, but they can easily sweet-talk you into a payment scheme that you really don’t need.

Pick a car that suits your needFinally, when it comes down to the type of vehicle, compare the level of comfort and facilities you’ll need against the cost. You might need a boot with additional space and prefer cosy seats or your main concern might be the fuel consumption. Either way, do your homework before you actually go there. Don’t try to decide the car you want at the payment counter.