Tips And Suggestion On Protecting Your Restaurant

Being a restauranteur is no easy task. The food business is one that is constantly evolving, and in order to be able to meet your competition and stay ahead of them, you should always be on your toes. As it is a business that relies on quality, speed, efficiency and, of course, good food; your thoughts have to be constantly on it as the owner of a restaurant.

And just like any other business, your restaurant too will meet its share of ups and downs. Accidents are prone to happen. Theft and breaking in could be a real issue, depending on where your restaurant is located. Here are our recommendations on how to protect your restaurant, and shield it from harm.

Against breaking in and theft
Like we mentioned above, this is an issue a lot of restaurants and cafes face all around the world. Quality equipment and expensive wine and ingredients certainly seem to lure in the uncanny kind. Invest on sturdy doors and windows. Make sure to protect each door and window of the restaurant with quality locks. If using digital locks in Singapore, make sure that only you and your most trusted employees know the passwords.

Against accidents
Accidents in the kitchen is inevitable. After all, a well-run kitchen is generally in high speed. Though your professional chefs wouldn’t really cause a fire, don’t rule it off the accident list completely. Make sure the smoke alarms are place throughout the kitchen and have them regularly checked to ensure they work. Investing on a fire rated door or two won’t be a waste either; as they’ll be able to minimize the damage in case of an emergency.

The safety of your employees
It’s not only your restaurant that needs protection; it’s the employees as well. The best way to ensure that they are safe, is to have a mandatory training period; in which not only will you teach them to work efficiently and to suit your restaurant, but also what to do in case of an emergency, be it an angry customer, fire or burglary. Also, never let employees close up or open the restaurant alone; as this is definitely dangerous. Make them work shifts in pairs; and ask them to enter and exit the building as such.

And unfortunately, from ex-employees
Like any other business, the restaurant business too makes many enemies. Unfortunately, ex-employees seem to be on the top of the list. If you trust them with your recipes, then make them sign an agreement stating they’d protect it, even after they stop working with you. Whenever an employee resigns, make sure they have no access to the building, be it a password or a keycard. Trust us, you don’t want to take your chances with this.