Ways To Make Your Best Friend’s Special Day Memorable

It is totally normal to get super excited for your best friend’s special day. Because it is someone you value, trust and love more than anything. But when the day gets closer and closer, trying to figure out a way to make it memorable can get really confusing to make up your mind or settle for one thing. Here a few cool ideas to make it the best born day so far for your bestie.

Camping under the stars.
Nature has so much to give and no one can deny it. Kidnapping your friend at 12 midnight and giving a surprise by singing happy birthday songs with all the friends around the bonfire is something that would make him/her extremely happy. You can also plan dancing and singing games in the camp while making a mini chicken BBQ for dinner. All night sleeping under the stars with your favorite people around would be one of the best gifts to give to make it an unforgettable memory to cherish.

Invading their room
Managing to take your friend out of their place and pasting Polaroid pictures all over the room with beautiful notes and greeting cards while they are gone is another fun idea .you can fill the entire room with cheap helium balloons in Singapore and hide inside the room with snow spray .When the door opens all you have to do is scream “Surprise!” and spray snow all over him/her .Trust me! Your bestie is going to love every bit of it specially reading all that greeting cards.

Throwing a boat picnic
Picnics are fun but boat picnics are even more fun. You can organize a small get together in a boat to go see sunset or sunrise. Even hire a DJ and enjoy all day in the boat. Also it is important to do some birthday decorations and get a beautiful cake with your best friend’s funny picture printed on it to make it even more memorable. If they love snorkeling or diving you can make prior arrangements and take the boat to a famous snorkeling spot near your place where you can find many fish and multi colored corals. But always remember safety first. Therefore be mindful to check if there are life jackets in your boat and ensure to take someone who knows swimming well.

Ticking a bucket list
Let it be a spontaneous hike, do sky diving or sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night fulfilling a bucket list wish of your buddy can be included in your idea list. You know your best friend more than anyone else so you must definitely know their bucket list too. So taking that risk to make it happen doesn’t sound too bad. You can plan it for just the two of you or with a bunch of close friends. It is up to you to decide but to go to risky places it is recommended to go with a group .In that way it will be safer and it will be much more fun.

Above listed are the few ideas you can include when planning to make your best friend’s special day memorable!