Western Medication And Traditional Chinese Medication

The different practices and methods of medication have evolved vastly in the recent times. Many patients look for treatment to be carried out by different doctors who specializes in different fields of medicine. Depending on the requirement or depending on the illnesses patients will consult various doctors with specializations as per their requirements. References by family, friends and known people are consulted before deciding on a doctor or a method of medication to confirm if the decision taken is correct.

When comparing the western medication system and the Traditional Chinese medicinal methods people will face and look for many questions to be answered before deciding which type they will select. The majority will select the western medicinal methods due to popularity and recommendation and the innovation in technology. But it is a very individualistic decision since any sickness will differ from one patient to another. There are many doctors and consultants available who are providing treatments for sicknesses in the western field. Comparatively you may find that people who practice the traditional Chinese medication is quite limited since it is difficult to find doctors who have specialized this method.

TCM is better for skin irritations
However it is widely known that people should go for western medication in an emergency and always opt for western medication with regards to a critical illness to be treated without delay using latest technology. But TCM could be good for not so demanding sicknesses which are less complicated such as skin, beauty and holistic treatments needed. For example a person looking out for dermatitis treatment in Singapore it is widely accepted that people look for proper solutions with Chinese acupuncture.

The above treatment and eczema treatment could also be very much similar since both irritations are more or less the same. Both are skin condition which could be an irritation of the skin due to a reaction towards an allergy and leaves a red patch with blisters. The main cause for this kind of irritation is due to dryness of the skin or dampness of the skin.

Both types of irritations should be look and medicated to reduce the irritation. Acupuncture method could help to stimulate the points in nerves to stimulate different locations. Herbal medication could be also used to reduce the irritation and to avoid itchiness which makes a person to be in discomfort. Sometimes western medications stop the irritation due to the fast reaction of steroids but reoccur quite frequently which becomes a problem to the patient. Herbal medication and timely acupuncture sessions will not only heal the irritation but will reduce recurrent skin problems within short periods.