What To Consider When Giving Gifts To Children Of All Age Groups?

Let’s be honest; with the year zooming by us, and the birthdays and anniversaries popping up so often, it never did feel like the season for giving gifts was too far away. And though it might have not been an issue for those of us who love to shop and are creative with their gifts, for those of us who hate shopping or have absolutely no idea what to get people, this might have been a nightmare.
When it comes to gift giving, shopping for children is, in our opinion, the easiest. Their excitement and pleasure at receiving their gifts certainly makes it worth the time and effort you put into their gift. If you have a special little man or little lady in your life, be it your child, niece/nephew or godchild, we’ve got gift ideas to please them all.
For the newborns and the toddlersWhen it comes to children of this age group, you need not stress too much. Being small as they are, they’ll probably not even understand what you get them. Clothes are a fun thing to shop for these children. But if you really want to go for toys, then take care to choose something that’s soft as they might have trouble gripping them properly. Ask the people at the toy shop in Singapore to help you out if you have doubts on this.
For children under 10This age group is a little tricky as by now, they know what they like and what they don’t. If possible, try to “feel out” what they might like before you hit the toy store. Their hobbies, the topics of their drawings, what they talk about the most, cartoons they like watching are all great things to pay attention to when you’re trying to figure out a suitable gift for them. If possible, try to get them a gift that they’d not only like, but also learn something from.
Children under 16Ah…the trickiest age group. Trying to engage them in a conversation to get to know their likes won’t get you too far with these teenagers. And as this is the age where they consider themselves adults, it’s better to avoid the toy section. Instead, when considering gift options, try to think of them as mini adults. For example, if your niece is just experiencing with makeup, give her a taste for the good ones, so that she’ll know quality makes a difference for both her skin and the final look. If your nephew is eager to learn to drive, offer to give him driving lessons, or pay for his driving lessons. This not only gives him something he likes, but it also gives you the assurance that when he does learn to drive, he’ll do it safely.